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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Again, it has been sometime.....

Hope everyone is well out there!! I myself have had better weeks, I am in the midst of quitting smoking!!! I know I know, should have never started, but better late than never right? So I actually went over 72hours without a smoke before I caved, but I will be right back on track as of now! I bought myself enough gum to last a lifetime and will use the nicorette inhaler this time to help with the "nic-fits" I cannot do this cold turkey. So once I have completed this no smoking I can check it off my list as one of the biggest accomplishments on my 101 list. I apologise in advance to all that will have to endure more mood swings from me again.

RE #71 Try 10 new recipes in 2 months

I started this task on October 28th, so I still have time to complete but so far here are the recipes I have tried:

1. Turkey Kielbasa soup (Gross)
2. Turkey Meatloaf ( Quite yummy)
3. Crock-pot Pulled Pork ( Sooooo Good)
4. Swiss Steak ( Unfortunately it needed to be cooked longer, the veggies were too crunchy, but otherwise good)
5. Fettuccine a la Carbonara ( To Die For)
6. Chicken Parmigiana ( Again to die for)
7. Chicken Kiev ( Better than M&M's)

Here are my 3 other recipes to make before my deadline of Dec. 28th:

8. Fried Chicken with Creamy Gravy
9. Cheesy Italian Meatball Casserole
10. I haven't found one yet, I'll keep you posted

If anyone would like a recipe let me know and I will send it to you, I think it would be too long to type them all out in a post.

On another note, I found a daycare for Abigail!!! We went to meet the lady in Aylmer tonight at her home, awesome lady, clean home and Abby took to her right away, I have a great feeling about her! So next week Abby will start a slow integration into daycare, as I have to start paying her as of next week to keep my spot with her, since she is also subsidized, what great luck I had there!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the post and hope to be posting again soon. Cheers to all,



  1. Glad to hear you found Abigail a daycare - that is the most stressful part I think about having a baby - it seems to take FOREVER to get into a daycare when put your name on a list...and it's super stressful, I mean you have to trust this person, they are the ones that will have your pride and joy for at least 8 hours a day, sometimes longer. It's such a relief when you have placed her and everything is going well...good luck!

  2. Some of those recipes sound delicious Mandy! And great news about getting Abby into a daycare - must be such a relief!

    Keep going with the no smoking - trust me, after watching my father being forced to quit at age 66 (and now still dealing with health issues) - it's worth it to kick the habit now!!